Call and talk to the manger before you go to the car dealership to establish a friendly relationship and build your confidence at the same time. Ask if the exact model you plan to purchase is on the lot, this will save you time. Sometimes the car they advertised has been sold. During this conversation he is going to want to make an appointment to see you.

Once you are at the dealership and start negotiating, ask for the invoice price of the car that interests you. This represents how much the dealer actually paid for the vehicle. During negotiations you need to make an offer at least two different times. They will counter offer. This is how the price starts going down. Your first offer should be about $300.00 below this sticker. You know this is not going to happen, but it does start the negotiating.

If you finish up paying 3 % to 7% above the invoice price, you can consider that a good deal. Before you sign any agreement, read it first to make sure that no unauthorized add-ons have been slipped in.

When Is The Best Time To Shop for a New Car

The best time to shop for a car is during the week when car dealership's are less busy and the sales staff, manager and owner are hungry to make a sale. If you can wait towards the end of a month you will find the car prices may be lower. They are pushing harder to make their quotas.

Visit a car dealership during special sales events and other advertised promotions. Look for models they are clearing. Always, always, test drive the exact car you are looking for. You want to avoid suffering "buyers remorse" after you have finalized the deal. Most of the time the sales staff are under pressure to close the deal and lower new car prices, especially if the car dealership's sales goals for the month have not been met.

Looking for the best car prices online has become very popular, and people are generally pleased with the results.

Car dealers now have their own Internet Department to help informed shoppers. These are people like you who know exactly the car you want and the exact amount you are prepared to pay.

Test Driving

Always test drive a vehicle at highway speeds and in "stop and go" traffic. Test the brakes in an empty parking lot or some other safe location. Turn off the radio, and don't let the salesperson's talking distract you. One way to get him to stop talking is to tell him you want to listen to the road noise.

You want to be sure you like the car. Remember, you do not want buyers remorse. In other words, you do not want to have second thoughts after you sign the contracts.

Purchasing A Warranty For Your New Car

Purchasing extended warranty is always a good idea. You do not know if you are going to have costly repairs years down the road. The warrantees are usually less money at the time you purchase the car. You can simply add it to your loan or lease payments.

You can use the warranty as a negotiating tool. Once you have reached the lowest price and you want more off. Start negotiating the price of a warranty. You will save money.

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